Trip to Germany

This summer, I had a chance to visit Germany. It was a business trip, but I managed to have leisure time to wander around Frankfurt and Munich. I even had chance to cross a bucket list item—driving on Nürburgring Nordschleife! Sadly, I don’t have any photo since my hands were tight on the wheel.

The trip was a perfect chance for me to test the new lens, XF16mm F/2.8. Even though Fuji cameras and lens are very light already, I still want to pack things as light as possible. Long story short, XF16mm didn’t disappoint. This and XF35mm F/2 were all I need in this trip.

I really like the buildings in Frankfurt. You can see old buildings with history and tall modern buildings on the same street.
16mm is just good enough for indoor interior shot.
The building’s design is really interesting.

Since I sold the X100F, I kept thinking if I should buy a 23mm lens, specifically XF23mm F/2. However, to be honest I just don’t find the focal length interesting. It’s just personal preference and I’m sure the focal length is useful and it’s just I don’t know how to use it properly. I prefer 35mm to 23mm in APS-C format, and for wider shot I actually quite like to use 16mm!

16mm is also an interesting lens to use, even for portrait.

We visited many places in Germany, but sadly I didn’t capture enough pictures.

A duck lives happily in Lake Königssee, maybe.

I need to have another trip to Europe soon.

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